Financial Statement – January

Our savings in January:

Euros December January Gain
Mine 38,800 40,750 1,950
M 28,200 30,770 2,570
M Pension 30,000 30,000 0
My Pension 24,750 26,170 1,420
House guarantee 4,000 4,000 0
House paid 55,000 55,000 0
Total 180,750 186,690 5,940
Cash 67,000 71,520 4,520
Money to be spent in the apartment 44,585 44,585 0
Cash – debt 22,415 26,935 4,520

This month we have spent more than usual, in particular taking into account that both our salaries have increased. We have actually saved a bit less than 50% of our salaries, without considering our pensions, which should not have happened.

However, I can partially explain the reasons: we bought some furniture we were still missing for our recent apartment and also some things we needed for the baby (will be born in 4 weeks!), including cloth diapers which will hopefully allow us to save money in the future. So, hopefully, next month we will be able to compensate and have a higher savings rate!

Our portfolio:

  • 1 apartment, which is still not 100% ready, so only from July onwards we will be able to rent it and start cashing-in
  • 31k in cash (excluding the money we will still spend in the apartment: paying the construction company + legal costs + furniture and including the house guarantee in our current apartment)
  • 56k in pension funds

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