Financial Statement – May, June and July

I have been very busy (and a bit lazy) but here is an update on my financial performance over the last three months.

Euros April July Gain
Mine 50,080 41,400 -8,680
M 40,520 24,200 -16,320
M Pension 30,000 31,000 1,000
My Pension 30,490 34,840 4,350
House guarantee 4,000 4,000 0
House paid 55,000 100,000 45,000
Total 210,090 235,440 25,350
Cash 90,600 65,600
Money to be spent in the apartment 44,585
Cash – debt 46,015

I am very happy to say that I have finally paid off my first real estate investment. The apartment is finally built and it is currently being furnished by the company who will manage it afterwards. We will start with short-term rental because currently it is more profitable. Porto is on the top European cities for tourism so my estimation is to have an average of 7% net profit per year. I am so excited to have my first passive income generator πŸ™‚ And praying for the company to hurry up and start in August advertising the house on the online platforms (there are still a few things they have to do before: furniture, pictures, etc.).

Meanwhile, we have to decide what do with the 65k cash that we have. Any suggestions?


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