Financial Statement – August


Euros July August Gain
Mine 41,400 38,950 -2,450
M 24,200 30,800 6,600
M Pension 31,000 31,000 0
My Pension 34,840 34,840 0
House guarantee 4,000 4,000 0
House paid 100,000 100,000 0
Total 235,440 239,590 4,150
Cash 65,600 69,750 4,150

This month and the following will be atypical. My salary is much lower because I am on my parental leave until the end of September. M, on the other hand, got some money back from taxes. So, overall, an increase of 4k is not bad for a low salary month!

We are currently thinking where to invest next.. having 70k in cash is killing me! I feel I am losing money every day for not having it invested. Index funds? Or real estate?


4 thoughts on “Financial Statement – August”

    1. Hey it is probably not entirely clear even for Europeans (my fault eheh)! The total sum of the components is my net worth. Pension means the amount of money I would get if I could withdraw all the money that me and my company discount every month for my pension today, net of fees and taxes. The house guarantee of 4000 is the amount of money I am expecting to get when I leave the apartment I am currently living on (it is a rented apartment). I had to pay 5000 as a guarantee and I am expecting at least 4000 back. Hope it is clear now 🙂


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