Rental property #1

As I have told you before, at the end of 2016, I have invested 100k in my first real estate property in the beautiful city center of Porto, Portugal. I bought it before it was built, so we were finally able to start cashing-in in the beginning of September 2017. We have decided to hire a property manager specialized in short-term rentals and until now it has been going great. Check out my property in Airbnb!

Here is a quick summary of the current situation, with actual values until January 2018 and estimated values for the future months:

net profit

I will have around 6400 Euros net per year which represents a yield of 5.9% on my initial investment (my initial investment includes not only the cost of the apartment, but also taxes, furniture, etc. anything I had to pay before the apartment was ready). It sounds like a pretty good investment to me! However, I can still improve it, as I do not have the most efficient situation in terms of taxes and I can maybe still negotiate the cost of the property manager.

This experience has been very exciting! At first, we were concerned and a bit annoyed because there were some delays in furnishing the apartment, so could not start cashing-in in August 2017 which is a pretty good month for tourism. But, once everything was settled, there is not much you have to do, apart from seeing the money coming in into our account every month! With so much free time, we have decided to do a quick analysis on the strengths and risks/weaknesses of our investment.



  • New apartment in the city center (my opinion is that the city center hardly ever devaluates, in particular in Portugal where prices are still low and the reconstruction of the city centers in big cities started very recently)
  • Perfect for tourism but also can be rented long-term (we were contacted by an agency with an offer for our furnished apartment which would yield us 5500 Euros net per year)
  • Tourism is growing at very high rates in Portugal and this growth is expected to continue in the future



  • Legal changes in short-term rental laws in Portugal (tourism has been the main driver of growth so I think this risk is small but it should be considered)
  • Small apartment with no parking space


We have weighted the pros and cons and we have decided that it is a really good investment and a niche that we would like to focus on: small apartments in premium areas in cities we are familiar with. This is why,  a few days ago, we have decided to buy property #2, a very similar apartment to property #1, for the same purposes: short-term rental. We were a bit unlucky this time (or lucky in the first time) as the prices are quickly increasing, therefore the price of this property is 35k higher than the first one (auch!). But, whereas in the rental property #1 we had to wait 1 year until we started cashing in because the apartment was not built when we bought it, rental property #2 is almost built and we hope to start cashing-in before July. All the same, instead of a 5.9% annual return, we are expecting around 4.5%.

Our following steps are to check with a tax adviser if we can/should create a commercial company for our real estate investments so we can deduct the costs of the investment for tax purposes. Currently, we are paying a significant amount of taxes because we cannot deduct the costs that we have on the investment. At the same time, with 2 apartments, we hope to be able to negotiate the cost of the property manager.

I am so excited about this project! Not only it is profitable but also I am learning so much about real state, Portuguese laws and about taxation. I fell I am an expert by now, so feel free to ask me any questions related to these topics!


10 thoughts on “Rental property #1”

    1. The salaries are also quite low in Portugal, that is why house prices are rather cheap. If we owned 4 would be great because it would completely cover my yearly expenses if I move to Portugal. Even though we would not have 25x your net worth, we could be financial independent in the sense that our expenses would be covered by our passive income investment. However, my conservative husband wants to have everything settled with property number #2 (there are some legal things to be taken care of, the house is still not officially ours) before we invest in rental property #3.


  1. Super interesting to read about your smaller rental properties in premium locations! Is the 5.9% return after taxes? And what is the utilization rate of the apartment? Is it possible to rent it out most of the time?


    1. Hey Carl, yes 5.9% after taxes. The occupation rate is around 90%, it has been great even in months I thought it would be lower (November, January, February) but it is actually pretty high and stable. What really changes is the price charged per night of course! Thanks for asking!


    1. I will start a company in Portugal, actually I have not considered any other option. Since I am Portuguese and I know a bit about Portuguese laws and accounting, I have decided to do it without even considering the fact that might be cheaper on other countries. It is definitely tax efficient but only when you have a minimum of 2 apartments. When are you thinking about moving? Best of luck!


  2. Thanks for sharing all the details. And congrats on getting returns for your investment.
    I also live in Germany and have been thinking about real estate investment abroad. But the distance concerns me. How does the property management work for you? Does the property manager take 100% care of the property – communication with guests, clean up, repairs, etc.? Did you ever have to take an urgent flight to sort things out?


    1. Hi Kate 🙂 There are always small things you need to take care, but I manage to do everything online, i.e., never had to take an urgent flight. I think the the key is to find a good property manager and change if you are not happy with your current one.
      But mostly the things I have to do myself are small legal issues which depend on the country you are invested in, like registering the house for short-term rental, and taking care of the invoices. Communication with the guests, clean up and even repairs, it’s all on the property manager. Of course, in case of repairs, then I have to pay for those and depending on the issue I guess I will have to do some work but nothing that cannot be done remotely.
      In general, things are turning out quite ok, I spend on average 1 hour per week doing things related to my 2 real estate investments, which is perfectly fine.
      Any other question feel free to ask 🙂


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