Financial Statement – May

Even though our savings rate was not great (48%) we managed to take care of many things related to Property #2. We will pay it completely over the next couple of days/weeks, therefore I have already excluded the cash we are about to pay from the Cash category.

Cash 600
Peer to Peer 863
Pensions 78,030
Security deposit for current house 4,000
Rental Property #1 100,000
Rental Property #2 133,000
Debt (Bank) -35,000
Total networth 281,493

Very soon I will update you on the real numbers of my first real estate investment which is yielding more than what I had previously calculated!


3 thoughts on “Financial Statement – May”

  1. 2 rental properties already! Well done. I have 1, saving up for the second. Rental properties is a good way to leverage your investments and achieve financial independence faster. How much of a down payment do you need to have in order to purchase a rental property?


    1. Hey and sorry for the late reply! I am actually paying them in cash, i.e., we save and invest. In the second rental property, we have a small 1 year loan from the bank but we are kind of allergic to debt 🙂 However, I agree that you could buy much more apartments if you leverage! Good luck with your second one 🙂


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