Financial Statement – February

Savings rate = 61%

Total net worth increase = + 7,905 EUR

This month we were pretty good in terms of savings from our monthly income. First of all, I am already on my maternity leave (3 weeks to meet baby #2) which means I am spending less money overall on small things, like going for lunch and transportation. I also have more time to go to a cheap supermarket and, in addition, we have decided to stop ordering food. Deliveroo was eating a chunk of our budget and we were ordering 2 or 3 times a week. It is amazing how much money you can save by only changing small things!

I managed to pay the overall debt for Property #2 and my husband has only very little to pay off. We want to get rid of this debt because we are thinking about buying our primary residence as I have told you in my previous post. We will ask for another personal loan for that purpose but the conditions would be much worse if we have 2 open loans. We are now struggling with the option of selling one of our Properties that we are currently renting short-term, we are not sure whether to do it or to ask for a proper mortgage. Tricky decision as I am very frustrated with the amount of costs you pay when you ask for a mortgage, even with a low interest rate environment! But, on the other hand, selling one property would significantly decrease my future passive income. So, we are still undecided!

If you look at my past financial statements, the real estate business is not yielding much money in the last couple of months, which is mostly due to the fact that it is low season, which means less cash per night and lower occupation rates, plus it is winter, so overall increased costs, in particular heating costs. The revenues should start increasing from April onwards, which should boost our net worth, and also allow us to have more cash to use to pay for our primary residence.

Cash 10,850 -650
Net Cash flow Real Estate Business 3,300 +100
Pensions 98,460 +1,730
Security deposit for current house 2,000 +0
Rental Property #1 115,000 +0
Rental Property #2 120,000 +0
Debt (Bank) -2,750 +6,770
Total networth 346,860 +7,950

I am happy overall just by seeing that we are approaching the 350k networth. Seems like a cool round number to me πŸ™‚


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