Financial Statement – June

Savings rate = 47% (excluding the fact that we bought a car)

Total net worth increase = – 3,656 EUR

Decrease net worth from April to June??? Whaaat?? Yes, indeed, we had this idea for a very long time and we have finally decided to buy a car. We are aware this is a luxury that depreciates very quickly, even though we bought it second hand and quite cheap, and this is why I have not included it in my assets. With a family of 4 now, it is really convenient to have one, plus it decreases by half the time it takes my husband to get to work.

Nevertheless, this decision was definitely not frugal and it means it will decrease the time it takes us to reach financial independence by 3/4 months. I am not in a hurry, though!

Cash 22 200 +4 100
Net Cash flow Real Estate Business 6 200 +2 200
Pensions 105 390 +3 460
Security deposit for current house 2 000 +0
Rental Property #1 115 000 +0
Rental Property #2 120 000 +0
Primary Residence 380 000 +0
Debt (Primary Residence) -327 996 -13 416
Total networth 422 794 -3 656

In the next following months our salaries will decrease significantly as I will be on parental leave and will only get 30% of my salary. With almost 4k in debt to pay every month (as I have explained in this post) it will be challenging cash wise but doable!